Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NRB EATS: Juniper in Brooklyn

Upon walking around in Willaimsburg with my girls(Amanda and Nicole- oh and ps they will have a section in here soon). We quickly became famished and NEEDED food STAT. We soon came across a cute little cozy place called Juniper. We browsed the menu outside and were sold when we saw "pulled pork" and "mac & cheese" comfort food options. 

 We ended up getting the mac & cheese, grilled cheese and pulled pork, doing the spilt-ski(I think I should probably patten this). Which is when you each get something different and share everything. It really is the ultimate way to go. I got the pulled pork with the spicy fries. The pork was soo TENDAAH. The sauce that was on it was divine and the fries = perfection.  We talked to the owners after who were very warm and friendly. I would definitely recommend this place if you need a good, hearty quick bite. Also- my(apologies for not having pictures of the others - it will never happen again).

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