Sunday, June 12, 2011

Robertta's Pizza- The "Beesting" Slice

Hey yaaa'll (apparently im southern now lol)
I have been SOO busy lately!! You have nooo idea how much material, slash fooood pictures, slash reviews I need to post!!!
I want to start with this amazing slice of pizza I had at the Madison Sq. Park Market.
Amanda(fellow food guru) had told me to get the "beesting" slice. Which had: soppressta, mozzarella, chili flakes, and get this. HONEY.
All I have to say is this is one winning combination of flavors and MUST be tried by all. The perfect sweet and savory slice. They are located in Brooklyn. Go now. You will thank me.

Southern Hospitality = Yes please.

It had been raining and kinda cold and Suzy and I were in the mood for some good ole comfort food. So when we saw JT's Southern Hospitality we knew we didnt have to look any further.

I had high/ low expectations(1. because I LOVE JT and feel like he can do no wrong and 2. because well he probably knows more about music/ dancing than he does food).

We started with the fried pickle chips. They were cooked to a perfect golden brown and were served with this yummy ranch sauce for dipping. It was SO GOOD.

Then for the main course we spilt: pulled pork(straight up), collie greens, mac & cheese, creamed spinach and corn bread. It was heaven.