Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Hey....

Woops. We forgot to introduce ourselves. We were too busy looking at the architectural displays of pancakes and autumn inspired ravioli. But really, who could blame us.

Well... my name is Vanessa. I'm a twenty-something year old professional student (read graduate student) who loves to spend time cooking healthy, natural foods! I then like to eat said foods. I am really big on finding useful yet healthy alternatives that people can supplement into their daily cooking. Healthy eating does not require that you sacrifice taste!!! I'm hoping this blog will be an area where such ideas can be organized and shared. If little else, it's just an excuse to cook and eat more food.... :-P

Aside from enjoying fine homemade meals, I also fancy myself a night out. So, we will be reviewing some of our go-to restaurants and maybe even some novel finds.

There may also be some random, miscellaneous blog posts involving the likes of art, pop culture, psychology, and research.

Hope you guys enjoy the blog!

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