Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend of Fried Chicken

it's suzy reporting live here from our "weekend of fried chicken."  it's been a while since NRB got to posting, so i figured i'd take the lead on this, since food THIS good needs an audience!

after a long day for both of us, we were craving comfort food like WHOA.  specifically fried chicken.  so after some deliberations while riding the wrong bus through hoboken in the rain, we decided to make:

meal 1:  buffalo chicken mac and cheese.

this bad boy was GOOD.  we boiled elbow macaroni while making a rue of skim milk, butter, a touch of flour, shredded extra "SHAHHHP" orange cheddar cheese, and regular white cheddar cheese.  once the rue was bubbly and yummy-looking, we added the drained elbow macaroni and stirred it in until it was evenly coated.

we sliced up chicken tenders in a store bought buffalo sauce and marinated them for about 15 minutes.  once the pasta and rue were combined, we stirred in the marinated buffalo chicken.

we poured the gooey delicious combo in a pan, topped with more cheddar, bread crumbs, and crumbled bleu cheese (but only on half.. nicole had a "bad experience" regarding bleu cheese while studying abroad.  apparently it is too soon to joke about this.)  we popped the whole thing in the oven, baked for 25 minutes at 250, and voila!

woke up this morning hungry as all hell and moved on to:

meal 2:  chicken and waffles.

nicole was originally concerned about the sweetness of this dish because she was craving savory, but HOT DAMN this was delicious.

we took store bought, Eggo-Homestyle waffles and toasted one for each person.  we then took the leftover fried chicken and sliced it up, once again.  we grated the rest of the EXTRA SHAHHHPPP (sorry, i had to) cheddar and topped these babies off.  finally, we added a sunny side up egg and a serious drizzle of pure vermont syrup.  SO GOOD.

alright, off to walk the brooklyn bridge to burn this shit off... coming soon: post on LUKES LOBSTER ROLLS! nom.

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